Doctor's TV Ads is a dynamic, exciting concept in advertising, that creates an extremely affordable opportunity for the community and local businesses to advertise their products and services. The success of the concept lies in its simplicity. If you make an appointment to visit your GP at 10:00, good manner requires that you be there at 9:45. We all know that due to the nature of their work, doctors may be behind schedule and may only see you at 10:30. This means that you will wait for 45 minutes in the waiting room with nothing to do. Doctor's TV Ads installs large LCD screens at medical practitioners which show adverts of local businesses. Advertising slots last for 20 seconds each and the cycle repeats itself every 20 minutes. on average patients wait at consulting rooms longer than 40 minutes. This means that they will normally see each advertisement twice.


Since the waiting patients have nothing much else to do, they make for a captive audience, which is an advantage for the advertiser. They also normally have an expendable income.


Patients wait up to 40 minutes for their appointments at doctor's waiting rooms. By installing these screens and displaying interesting advertising material on them will keep waiting patients occupied, thereby reducing their irritation and frustration levels.

No costs: the practice must just provide a small wall area and electricity.

2 advertising slots of 20 seconds each during every 20 minute cycle are given free of charge to each practice. Doctors can advertise whatever they wish in these slots and change the contents monthly.

Professional installation: TV screens are beautifully installed and enhance the image of the waiting rooms giving them a more modern and sophisticated appearance.